This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is based on ColecoWorld's ColecoVision FAQ Version 4.1.



"The new COLECOVISION FAQ" - Version 4.22

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Version 4.22:
List of modern games updated.

Version 4.21:
List of modern games updated.

Version 4.20:
The "New FAQ" was made by Crapahute. It is based on ColecoWorld's ColecoVision FAQ Version 4.1.


Version 4.10:
Lots of small updates:
- Enhanced the HTML version
- Added system and accessories variantions
- Added new european game information, added european game numbers
- Added information about CBS-Australian games
- Added information about promotional materials and catalogues
- Updated specifications on the SEM module.
- Corrected some small errors

Version 4.00:
After a long period of silence, the ColecoVision FAQ has been revived as Colecoworld's ColecoVision FAQ and is maintained by Martijn Wenting of Based on the colecovision FAQ 3.7, numerous additions have been made, broken links and obsolete adresses are fixed.
Here is a small list of changes:
- Additions to 1.0 What is ColecoVision and the ColecoVision timeline.
- Reorganised the game releases, added re-releases and modern releases.
- Reorganised the hardware section.
- Fixed/added European game-numbers
- Removed WWW links section 5.0, moved to section 15
- Updated emulators section
- Added new hardware developments
- Updated Colecovision/Adam vendors, Added vendors for modern game releases.
- Removed obsolete user group/vendor addresses. Contact me if you have updates.

Version 3.12:
A much needed ColecoVision Emulation section has been added. Numerous spelling errors and broken links fixed. HTML version further refined.

Version 3.10:
The biggest change is that the ColecoVision FAQ is now maintained by Kevin Bowen and Thomas J. Crugnale. This is a transition release, but contains some updates from 3.6 by Joe Huber, some new game and hardware information from Thomas Crugnale, and some minor corrections.




KB) Kevin Bowen
JH) Joe Huber
JC) James Carter
TC) Thomas J. Crugnale
01) Noel Tominack
02) Tony Mason
03) Jeff Lodoen
04) Jonny Farringdon
05) Sean Kelly
06) Gary Carino
07) Charles Cafrelli
08) Scott Marison
09) Greg Kam
10) Joshua See
11) Ralph A. Barbagallo III
12) Joey McDonald
13) Geoff Oltmans
14) Gregg Woodcock
15) Allan Liscum
16) Greg Chance
17) Tris Orendorff
18) Scott Stone
19) David Strutt
20) Jeff Coleburn
21) Lee Seitz
22) Jerry Greiner
23) Bill Loguidice
24) Norman Sippel
25) Kevin Slywka
26) Ben Lott
27) Ken Arromdee
28) Swampthing
29) Bruce Tomlin
30) Christian Puryear
31) Patrick Lessard
32) Matt Burback
33) Brad Ensminger
34) Thomas Farrell
35) Ken Kupelian
36) Blue Sky Rangers
37) Craig Pell
38) Chris Smith
39) Kevin Horton
40) Curtis J.
41) Bill Esquivel
42) Greg Hunter
43) Kyle Snyder
44) Roger Fulton
45) Phil Stroffolino
46) Daniel Stevans
47) Marat Fayzullin
48) The Piper
49) Frank Groeten
50) Dennis Brown
51) Lawrence Schick
52) Robert Merritt
53) Jason Weesner
54) Sam Etic
55) Stephan Freundorfer
56) Dave Johnson (Director of Video Graphics at Coleco)
57) Howard Prince
58) Marc Boyer
59) Greg Roth
60) Jason Mazure
61) Pascal Blancaneaux
62) Keith Henrickson
63) Gary Cianciosi
64) Marcus (Garrett?)
65) Jim Wolf