Smurf Rescue
Release: 1982
Publisher: Coleco/CBS
Developer: Coleco
Type: Adventure
Coleco #: 2443
CBS #: 4L1937, 4L1938, 4L1939, 4L1940


Smurf title screen
Smurf screenshot



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Smurf™, Smurfette™ and Gargamel™ are the trademarks of ©Peyo 1982.
Program and Audiovisual ©1983 Coleco Industries, Inc.
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Smurf™, Smurfette™ and Gargamel™ are the trademarks of ©Peyo 1982.
Package ©1983 CBS Inc.,
51 West 52nd Street, N.Y., N.Y. 10019
Program and Audio Visual ©1982 Coleco Industries, Inc. Printed in Holland.
Packaged in The U.K.
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Treacherous Gargamel has captured Smurfette and has trapped her in his lab. To free her, nimble-footed Smurf must run, jump and duck his way through dangerous woods, fields and cavern. Dodger the spooky hawks, bats and spiders sent by Gargamel. Can you rescue Smurfette and save the day?


Repro in 3D
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Label Made By: Phil Boland.

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Super Game Module Prototype

Super Smurf was to be released for the Super Game Module. But as this module was canceled, the game was canceld too.

Super Smurf-Wafer-Super Game Module

An Intellivision version was planned but never developed or released.

Upon reaching Smurfette's screen, the player can return to the previous screen. Just before the screen changes, it will appear as though the top of Smurfette's dress comes off, making her appear topless.

Smurf is the first in-house Coleco programmed game for the ColecoVision (the first game being Cosmic Avenger programmed by Nuvatec, Inc.).

Paul Jaqueys remembers: The owners of the Smurfs objected to the blue color that ColecoVision could create, it wasn't exactly "Smurfy."

Source: Coleconation #9

Smurf-Atari VCS

Atari 2600