Pepper II
Release: 1983
Publisher: Coleco/CBS
Developer: 4D Interactive Systems
Type: Maze
Coleco #: 2605
CBS #: 4L1766, 4L1868, 4L1878, 4L1879


Pepper II title screen
Pepper II screenshot


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Back scan by Ryan Cote.

Pepper II™ and Pepper™ are trademarks of Exidy Incorporated. ©1982
Printed in U.S.A. Packaged in U.S.A.
Package, Program & Audiovisual ©1983 Coleco Industries, Inc.
Amsterdam, New York 12010
Barcode : 0 76930 02605


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  Cart (UK)
Ref 4L1868
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Pepper II™ is a trademark of Exidy Incorporated. ©1982
Program and Audiovisual ©1983 Coleco Industries, Inc.
Package ©1983 CBS Toys, a Division of CBS Inc.
Made in England by Ideal Toy Co. Ltd., Woodley, Berks.
Printed in Holland.
Barcode : 5 010779 74279 2


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Manual (D)

Alle Rechte, einschließlich Vervielfältigung und des Verleihs, bleiben – auch bei nur auszugsweiser Verwertung – vorbehalten.
PEPPER II™ ist das Warenzeichen von Exidy Incorporated. © 1982 Exidy Incorporated.
Package © 1983 CBS Toys, a division of CBS Inc. Printed in Holland
Barcode : 5 010779 74279 2


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Back (Fr)
Ref 74-279F
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Manual (Fr)

Pepper™ et Pepper II™ sont des marques déposées appartenant à Exidy Incorporated ©1982
Fabriqué au Royaume-Uni
Conception, programme, réalisation du logiciel ©1983
Coleco Industries Inc., New York 12010. Licencié exclusif Coleco
Industries Inc. ©'1983 CBS Toys, a Division of CBS Inc.'
Imprimé en Hollande
Barcode : 5 010779 74279 2


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Ref 7427-9R2
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Pepper II™ and Pepper™ are the trademarks of Exidy Incorporated ©1982
Program and Audio Visual ©1983 Coleco Industries, Inc.
Package © 1983 CBS Inc.,
51 West 52nd Street, N.Y., N.Y. 10019
Printed in Holland. Packaged in The U.K.
SCC 260501


Australian version :

Pepper 2-CBS4
Pepper 2 - Manual CBS4
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Pepper II™ and Pepper™ are the trademarks of Exidy Incorporated ©1982
Package © 1983 CBS Inc.,15 Blue Street, North Sydney.
Program and Audio Visual ©1982 Coleco Industries, Inc.
Made in the U.K. for CBS Electronics, A Division of CBS Records Australia Limited
(incorporated in N.S.W.), 15 Blue Street, North Sydney, N.S.W. 2060.
Printed in Australia.
ACC 260501


There’s plenty of fasten-ating action in Coleco’s Pepper II from Exidy. Guide your Pepper angel up the track. It’s like a zipper! Zip all the tracks around a room, then zip an entire maze! You can zip through four different mazes, then try four more, only this time the tracks can disappear!

But Pepper II is still more tricky. Roaming Eyes rush after you from every maze exit. A zipper Ripper unzips all the tracks that don’t surround rooms. What’s a poor Pepper angel to do? Enclose a room containing a pitchfork or a magic box and briefly change into an Eye-catching devil! The fun can get only wilder as this crazy-maze game zips on!

Port of Exidy’s arcade game released during June 1982.

Pepper 2


CBS Catalogue 1984

Warranty CBS4


Despite its name, there was no predecessor named Pepper or Pepper I. Its gameplay is similar to the game Amidar by Stern.


Universal Game Case
by Troy Schaben
Labels by Phil Boland

Pepper 2-Arcade