Release:  1984
Publisher:  Coleco
Developer:  Nice Ideas
Type:  Puzzle
Coleco #:  2621



Ref 2621
Cart Manual Manual


Gleebs: They’re optical illusions you’ve met in your dreams. Little ghosts gone mad. Now they’re waiting to take a trip through your mind. Without the basic directions. (Like left & right & up & down!)
On their journey, Gleebs will battle their lizard foes with buckets of water. They’ll climb endless stairs endlessly. Defying physics, they’ll join and part. All with one goal in mind: to pass through mirrors from one world to the other. Don’t ask why. It’s more fun just to share their crazy world for a while.
You’ll see that sinister lizard turn into a fish into a bird. Then into an egg (if you’re good.) But you may not believe your eyes when you see it. Because that’s what illusions are all about. Right? Left? Maybe?