Release: 1984
Publisher: Parker Brothers
Developer: Parker Brothers
Type: Action
Parker Brothers
Gyruss title screen
Gyruss screenshot


From the far reaches of Neptune to the safe haven of Earth – battle your way across the Universe in this exciting adventure based on the popular arcade game.
Suspense builds with every beat of thrilling and dramatic music – perhaps unlike any video game music you’ve ever heard before! To these compelling strains, you’ll fend off unremitting waves of spiraling, swirling alien ships. Piloting your spacecraft in a circular flight pattern, blast these fiendish intruders with your rapid-fire lasers – before they vaporize you. And watch out for killer meteors and deadly satellites along the way!
Reach one planet and you’ll have just enough time to catch your breath for the next – and more difficult – wave of enemy attacks that separate you from eventually reaching the sanctuary of Earth!

Port of Konami's arcade game released in March 1983.



Gyruss was the first arcade game to use stereo sound. The game's background music is an electronic, uptempo arrangement of J. S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565. This game was designed by Yoshiki Okamoto. Okamoto designed only two games while at Konami: Time Pilot and Gyruss. He later went to Capcom where he designed 1942, Final Fight, and the Street Fighter series of games.



Gyruss-Atari 2600

Atari 2600

Gyruss-Atari 5200

Atari 5200

Gyruss-Atari 8bit

Atari 8bit